How Can We Help You Enjoy Your Backyard?

How Can We Help You Enjoy Your Backyard?

Here at Rick's Lawn Furniture it is our mission to help families enjoy each others' company in the comfort of their own back yard. For the modern family, spending time together is probably a greater challenge than ever before. With all the demands of career and household duties, not to mention keeping up with the kids' schooling or developing a hobby, our time is at a premium. The daily routine seems to leave little energy to accomplish anything else. With time with our families being limited as it is, we must find ways to maximize our time together and make it count.

In our Amish heritage, this is an integral part of our lifestyle. For us, there is no greater priority in everyday life than family. As parents, despite the demands of our daily schedules we look for ways to spend as much time with our children as possible, and pass on to them the values and meaning in life that we cherish. In Amish culture there is not so much of an emphasis on lavish vacations or expensive cruises. Rather, we enjoy staying at home, hosting friends and family or relaxing in our own back yards.

This concept has been gaining popularity across America in recent years as well, in the form of a staycation. Various factors have contributed to this, from the rising cost of fuel to the hassle of organizing a complex vacation. Instead, why not consider a staycation - stay close to home, and explore the places in your local area where you've never been. Or just hang out in the solitude of your own property and enjoy each other's company. After all, what your children need more than anything is your time - not that new video game or a trip to Disney World - they just need to know that you have time for them and care.

With this concept of spending quality time together at home being of great importance to us, combined with our Amish knack of building quality products, we believe that at Rick's Lawn Furniture we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve this goal. Through our relationship with various manufacturers across Lancaster County PA, we offer you a variety of options to improve your property, and can help you jump-start your back yard fun. Whether you choose a children's play set for the kids, a storage shed that's been converted into a game room, or just some poly outdoor furniture to relax on your patio, we think you'll be pleased with the quality of the products you'll find here at Rick's Lawn Furniture.

Take your time and browse the various products we have to offer. And if you have any questions about anything you see, we're only a phone call or email away. On the other end you won't find a computerized voice or pushy salesperson, but rather a small team of people that share your desire to spend time together as family and enjoy each other's company.